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Today's 19th Century Band

Through historical research and dedicated musicianship, The Frontier Brigade Band strives to capture the authenticity and spirit of the American bands of a bygone era. By presenting authentic re-creations of period performances, The Frontier Brigade Band entertains and educates today's audiences.

The Frontier Brigade Band portrays the bands of The American Brass Band Movement (1840-1880) and The Golden Age of American Bands (1880-1920) by performing the original surviving band arrangements of the time, and dressing in the uniforms of the Military and Town bands of the 19th Century, and the western attire of Buffalo Bill's Famous Cowboy Band.

Founded in the year 2000, The Frontier Brigade Band appears at local, regional, and national venues, and has been featured on broadcast television.

"When people see announced that there will be a concert [re-creating historic American band music], they should make it their business to go to that concert because they are going to hear and see things that they have never heard or seen before. And, they will be a part of a present-day observation of the history of the United States of America - that's something none of us know quite enough about." - Dr. Frederick Fennell, 2003

Current Membership


Mr. Ken McGuire

Flute • Piccolo • Fife

Karen Buerkle, Shannan Needleman


Suzanne Brennan, Keith Moses


Chuck Garretson, Karen Goodwin,
John Hunt (Assistant Conductor),
Rob Netterlund, Wes Stewart


Caley Bowen, Richard McCook,
Terry Theiss (Band Founder/Manager)


Jon Bell, Andy Luna, Duwain Pingenot,


Mark Dolive (Drum Major), Tom Fletcher,
Bill Garretson, Dale Rogers


Beau Cromwell,
Jim Goodwin, Ron Tasa


Gayle McGuire, Carl Stang,
Pat Theiss


Rick Keck, JR Kruse, Don Watson

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