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Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band

Experience the historic music once enjoyed
by farmers, lawyers, cowboys, and kings

Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band

"If you ever have a chance to see Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band, I assure you it is one band you won't want to miss. Take the kiddies, the grandparents, and anyone who is willing to go. Make it a family night! This is one form of entertainment you won't have to censor."
- J D Whyte, Entertainment Industry Examiner


What a sight that must have been - three private trains arrive with 500 performers, stage hands, and musicians to put on another exhibition of Buffalo Bill's Wild West. We invite you to experience a sampling of the same Wild West music that thrilled crowds worldwide over a century ago.

Imagine this ... it is 1909 and Buffalo Bill's Famous Cowboy Band is giving a special concert for your community. Throughout the presentation you will learn of the historic personalities and composers of the era while being treated to a variety of musical stylings that should excite, beguile, and intrigue you. Highlights of Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band include a musical interpretation of the Attack on the Deadwood Mail Coach and a short demonstration extolling the products of the Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company.

The Wild West music library is made up of musical compositions and arrangements from The Golden Age of American Bands (1880-1920) and includes pieces written specifically for Buffalo Bill's Wild West. The production utilizes the 20-plus member band, two actors, appropriate set pieces and dressings.

Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band - a show that continues to delight audiences of all ages!

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Buffalo Bill’s Cowboy Band

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Did Buffalo Bill Visit Your Town? (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band Promotional Video

Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band Portrayed by The Frontier Brigade Band
Featuring Rick Keck as Professor Charles E. Griffin and J.R. Kruse as Dexter W. Fellows
Written and Produced by W. Dale Rogers with Additional Material by Rick Keck
Musical Direction by Ken McGuire    Directed by Jon R. Kruse

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Buffalo Bill's Cowboy Band

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