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The Frontier Brigade Band

The Frontier Brigade Band

Preserving Our Country's Musical Heritage

The Frontier Brigade Band can portray either a Federal military, Confederate military, or Civilian brass band typical of the period from the 1850s to 1870s.

Like the bands of the 19th Century, The Frontier Brigade Band performs at historical events, concerts, period dances, parades, and local civic events. The music library includes quicksteps, waltzes, polkas, gallops, schottisches and ballads from the bandbooks of American Civil War Regimental and Brigade Bands.

Our American Civil War era bands perform with Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) Saxhorns. The OTS Saxhorns (Adolphe Sax, inventor), also called "Back'ard Blasters", had bells facing behind the player so that the soldiers marching behind the band could hear the music. The band's drummers play reproduction Rope Tension Drums.

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Frontier Brigade Band

Video Sample of Selection from Offenbach's,"Orpheus In The Underworld"

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